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About kweliTV

Our mission is to curate and create content that is a true reflection of the global black experience versus what we may sometimes see in mainstream media.

// We created kweliTV to provide a space to share & celebrate the excellence of black culture globally. 

// We created kweliTV to be a platform that empowers filmmakers — who create awesome content focused on the issues and stories of the black experience — by paying them for their work. 

// We created kweliTV to be a catalyst for change: a space where big ideas are shared and implemented; a place that is a mixture of entertainment and education.

//We created kweliTV to take control of our media and give our thought-leaders, journalists, filmmakers, activists, teachers, historians, designers, etc., a space to have a voice.

Through our collective content, we hope to share the African Diaspora experience with all! 

kweliTV is 100% black-owned.

Dedicated to the issue, stories and culture of the global black community.