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What’s New and Streaming for the Culture!

Looking for the perfect title to enjoy over the long weekend? You’re sure to find a new favorite with our newest content! From icons like Lorraine Hansberry to Billie Holiday, to documentaries exploring roots of ancient kingdoms and the origins of stepping, and new episodes of old favorites, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here’s what’s new and streaming for the culture on kweliTV!


Set in a dystopian near future in Rio de Janeiro, a lawyer sues the Brazilian government for reparation of all descendants of African slaves in the country. The authoritarian government responds by signing an executive order sending all black citizens to Africa as an excuse to repay the debts of slavery. Citizens are measured by their skin color, hunted, and exiled to Africa against their will. While the army and police enforce the law, he enlists his uncle to find his wife, a doctor who has gone missing and joins an underground movement. The three of them fight the madness that has taken over the country and spark a resistance that inspires the nation.


A young woman enters her subconscious to examine a former friendship and find a way to reconnect with this lost friend.


Deep in the throes of psychosis brought on by neglected OCD, a woman comes to face her inner demon.


A queer, Black, flamboyant hustler, Odessa Madre gains power through a lucrative numbers running scheme, as she pulls some members of law enforcement under her spell. A biography woven with a cautionary tale, this film delves into the story of a multi-faceted woman who became one of the most powerful women in D.C.’s history and challenged the idea of what a lady could be and how far she could go.


Onuora Abuah travels to modern day Nigeria’s city of commerce in the heart of Hausaland, to learn more of the prosperous medieval kingdom of Kano and its neighbours. Beginning high up in the Dala Hills, we chronicle over one thousand years of the cities growth, from an indigenous community to far reaching Islamic kingdom and eventually Nigeria’s commercial city of the north.


Virginality chronicles the story of Jade Michelle Mason, a 30-ish overtly religious, single virgin who navigates adulthood with her millennial friends while finding her power in identity through her career and her untouched sexuality. While her career is being put to the test, her only logical resolution is not going to church and asking God for help, but trading in her V card for a newfound liberty and possibly great consensual sex.


A Black father and his 6 year old son simple bike-riding stroll in their suburban neighborhood turns into a life-changing lesson for the boy.


While visiting her American relatives, Chidinma, a soft-spoken Nigerian girl, notices a shadow slinking around the house. She avoids it, spending very little time in her room and not sleeping at night. But she fails and the creature comes for her. Her aunt and uncle refuse to believe that there’s a monster under the bed so, when the creature emerges again, the two girls are forced to stand up to not just it, but also the adults in the house.


Camilo is the adopted son of an indigenous couple of the Quillasinga tribe. As the only black man in his community he has always felt different. Now he embarks on a spiritual journey in search of his origins. With the truth revealed, Camilo manages to accept his identity.


Explore the inner life and works of the activist, playwright and author of ‘A Raisin in the Sun,’ Lorraine Hansberry. Narrated by actress LaTanya Richardson Jackson and featuring the voice of Tony Award-winning actress Anika Noni Rose as Hansberry.


“Anthology” is a coming-of-age dramedy about six 20-somethings trying to function in New York City. The series is produced by Nuanse Entertainment, a New York-based boutique film and video production company, owned and operated by Ashley Denise and Ricki Lynée. Nuanse is devoted to depicting multi-dimensional characters across every genre. Its work contributes to the perpetuation of a new narrative about the black experience.


Strange Fruit is the first documentary exploring the history and legacy of the Billie Holiday classic. The song’s evolution tells a dramatic story of America’s radical past using one of the most influential protest songs ever written as its epicenter. The saga brings viewers face- to- face with the terror of lynching even as it spotlights the courage and heroism of those who fought for racial justice when to do so was to risk ostracism and livelihood if white – and death if Black. It examines the history of lynching, and the interplay of race, labor and the left, and popular culture as forces that would give rise to the Civil Rights Movement.


Olivia, a trainee professional, finds herself opposing the government that is seeking to criminalize her mother. ASUNDER offers an intricate story about family, politics and justice.


Goin’ to Chicago chronicles one of the most momentous yet least heralded sagas of American history – the great migration of African-Americans from the rural South to the cities of the North and West. After World War II, four million Black people created a dynamic urban culture outside the South, changing America forever.


Informed by a mysterious voice, an imprisoned young woman must pass a series of enigmatic tests or face a violent death as the terrifying situation unlocks a dormant power in this story of courage and redemption.


The origin and evolution of African American collegiate stepping is explored in this energetic and informative documentary. Stepping is a popular communal art form in which teams of young dancers compete, using improvisation, call and response, complex meters, propulsive rhythms and a percussive attack.

TURTLE TAIDO – New Episodes!

Turtle Taido, the cute bubbly turtle is on an adventure to all the cities in Nigeria, learning about the people, their culture and animals.