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Black is Beautiful: Art and Artists for Black History Month

From the earliest cave paintings to the most avant-garde museum pieces, art has a way of connecting people. It expresses humanity. It’s a window into the soul. It presents an opportunity to step into a completely foreign or all too familiar world. Black artists and their art are exceptional in this regard. Their art is political, poignant. Soft and Soothing. It is a tool of not only reclaiming humanity, but documenting the struggles that have brought them and the community this far.

Here at kweliTV we want to celebrate the stories of these artists. From politically charged giants like Sonia Sanchez and Zora Neale Hurston, to trailblazers like Slum Village and Sara Gomez, they all deserve their time in the spotlight. Kick off your Black History Month by finding the art that connects with you.

“Bangaologia: The Science of Style” illuminates the style of several African countries and how their influences can be seen around the world.
“Fierce Funny & Fly” follows the creation of the first comedy festival exclusively for Black women, elevating an often overlooked sector in the mainstream.
“Mama Africa” uses archival footage to bring the story of the South African singe and anti-appartide activist to life.
The documentary series “Mas Prep” gives a window into the beautiful preparations artists do for Carnival celebrations
“Memphis Majic” weaves together dance and history to look at the history of Jookin’, a Memphis-born street dance.
“Sara Gomez: An Afro-Cuba Filmmaker” documents the life of the first female Cuban filmmaker, who used her lens to capture traditions, women’s issues, and the treatment of the marginalized sectors of society.
“The Poets” follows two life long friends and acclaimed poets as they travel back to their home countries while exploring what shaped their art.
“The Sound of Masks” is a visually dramatic journey through Mozambique’s past and present with legendary dancer Atanásio Nyusi.