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Black is Influential: Hidden Figures and History for Black History Month

Black innovators have always moved the needle forward, from the skilled metal workers of colonial America to the genius women who helped put a man on the moon. Unfortunately, these accomplishments are often buried, discredited, or completely ignored. But when has that stopped us before?

Here at kweliTV, we’re taking this week to highlight the hidden figures who made their mark in history. Brilliant musicians of the past and present, brave soldiers in WWI and powerhouses of the Civil Rights Movement will all have their time in the spotlight. Watch these titles on kweliTV.

“As Old as My Tongue” is an intimate portrait of the legendary Bi Kidude, one of the most renowned African singers of the twentieth century.
Civil right’s activist Bayard Rustin dedicated his life to civil rights, non violence, and gay rights. The complexity of his life and philosophies are explored in “Brother Outsider”.
“Kafe Negro” explores how migrations of workers for Haiti transformed the cultural landscape of Cuba.
In the documentary “Mama C”, a former member of the Kansas City Black Panther Party has dedicated her life to being an “urban warrior in the African Bush” in the Tanzanian village of Imbaseni.
The lives of the 17 Black men that competed alongside Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympic Games are highlighted in “Olympic Pride, American Prejudice”.
“Pratt in the Hat” follows about Dr. Frances Pratt, a woman whose personal insight, unique wisdom and firsthand knowledge into racial inequality makes a bold statement.
Doctor Mukwege risks his live to heal women victimized by sexual assault in the Congo, while advocating for the end of these atrocities in “The Man Who Mends Women”.