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Hey kweliFam, we’re back with new content to enjoy over the holidays! From a girl overcoming her fear of the water, to a breakdancing legend making waves in the 80s, to fearless women making a difference in their communities, we have it all. Here’s what’s new and streaming for the culture on kweliTV:

The Unveiling of God/ a love letter to my fore fathers

The Unveiling of God / a love letter to my forefathers is a visual interpretation of NIA JUNE’s imagination on the matter of her forefathers and Black men prematurely removed from her life. Through poetry, music, and moving portraits, the film asks its viewers: what could they have been? — unburdened by the gravity of an oppressive system and known to the God within themselves?

She Had a Dream

Ghofrane, 25, is a young Black Tunisian woman. A committed activist who speaks her mind, she embodies Tunisia’s current political upheaval. As a victim of racial discrimination, Ghofrane decides to go into politics.

The Girl Who Learned to Swim

An African American teen is determined to learn to swim after the drowning of her older brother. At a local pool, she meets an inspiring stranger who encourages her to overcome her family’s fear of water.

Wave: A True Story of Hip Hop

The story of legendary hip hop artist Tony “Mr. Wave” Wesley, who survived the streets of the Bronx to become a famous break dancer and hip hop artist in the 1980s as a member of the NYC Breakers, and star of “Beat Street” and “Graffiti Rock.” Wesley uses archival footage and interviews with fellow dancers and hip hop legends to tell the story of his rise from obscurity to performing in front of kings and presidents.

Grace and Saleem

An unintended road trip, a comical first dinner, and an awkward meeting of families on Christmas day all encompass Grace and Saleem’s story of an unlikely couple told via three distinctive chapters of their relationship together.

Reba to the Rescue

Reba To The Rescue is an African American, “pint-sized princess”! Her life’s mission is to ensure the education, well-being of all! With her cape and large “Afro”, she stands ready to love, help others learn, and love some more!

The Hail Mary

Fighting his own personal demons, war veteran Darius moves to Montana in an attempt to repair his relationship with his grown son, Terrell. On a day significant to both, they confront their differences.

2 Weeks in Lagos

2 Weeks in Lagos is a turbulent and thrilling journey into the lives of Ejikeme and Lola. Their lives collide when investment banker Ejikeme comes home from the United States with Lola’s brother Charlie to invest in Nigerian businesses. Upon meeting Lola, Ejikeme falls in love with her and must defy his parents’ plan to marry him to the daughter of a wealthy politician.

The Couple Next Door

A single woman’s feelings of loneliness begin to stir when an eccentric African couple moves into her building.


REPOWERED weaves together the personal stories of visionary women leaders in Washington, DC, New Orleans, and Milwaukee as they try to transform their communities from the inside out.

Breathing Black

Breathing Black follows nine Black Baltimoreans as they find joy amidst the global COVID-19 Pandemic and a summer of reckoning with the continued genocide of the Black body after the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. 

On a Beautiful, Wonderful Day

Novitiate nun, Lisa, is set on a supernatural course collision with her destiny when she discovers a West African man who claims to have swum across the Atlantic Ocean to America.

Da Yie (Good Night)

On a sunny day in Ghana, a foreigner approaches two children and takes them on an unexpected trip. The three of them get along so well that ‘Bogah’, the foreigner, starts to question his initial intentions.


The HAPI film presents a snapshot of economic history spanning from the dawn of civilization to today. The underlying theme unveils the interrelationship between the three essential components of economics, politics and culture.

Belonging in the USA: The Story of Michael D. McCarty

“Belonging in the USA:  The Story of Michael D. McCarty” shines a light on one man’s journey through life that proves that even in the face of COINTELPRO and drug addiction, if you seek your purpose and follow your passions, you will find your way to true belonging and the life you are meant to lead.

We’ve Got the Summer

On the night of senior prom, Xhade and her best friends navigate the growing pains of change, forgiveness and identity.


N*Gen (pronounced “engine”) is a next-generation TV show for young learners. N*Gen’s programming covers various topics from the disciplines of science and technology, with a special focus on girls and women in STEM. The show is designed to encourage a culture of curiosity and discovery, model holistic ways of learning and promote positive gender norms.