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Black is Revolutionary: Activists and Movements for Black History Month

Every achievement and right earned by the Black community has been a hard fought battle. From something as massive to civil rights to something as seemingly trivial as the right to wear natural hair, there are countless leaders who pushed for progress. These movements has inspired many, and their reach cannot be understated.

To round out our celebration of Black History Month, we at kweliTV want to celebrate these trailblazers. From a powerful group of women fighting for change in Brazil, to global activists pushing back against the effects of gentrification, we’re highlighting it all. Watch these titles on kweliTV.

“Black and Cuba” follows street- smart Ivy League students, who are outcasts at their elite university, band together and adventure to Cuba, discovering connections between the cultures they experience.
A woman struggles with her immigration status as a Haitian in the Dominican Republic, asking the question what it truly means to belong somewhere in “God Willing, Yuli”.
“Our Dance of Revolution” takes a look at Toronto’s Black LGBTQ community, featuring a rousing oral history of struggle and triumph from four decades of local legends and freedom fighters.
“Seeds: Black Women in Power” follows the tense 2018 elections in Brazil following the brutal execution of Rio de Janeiro city councilor Marielle Franco. In wake of this tragedy, Black female politicians stood against the growth of fascism in the country.
A co-op grocery store in West Oakland works to provide fresh, healthy food to the community while examining the history of food deserts and preventable diseases within the Black community in “Ujamaa: A Co-op Culture Story”.