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Meet Your kweliGIVES 2023 Finalists!

Communities thrive on support. It enables bonds to be formed and the mutual growth of everyone involved. kweliTV would not be where it is now without the support of our amazing subscribers and the community that shares in our vision. In the spirit of giving back, our founder/CEO DeShuna created kweliGIVES to highlight and support amazing non-profit organizations who are making a difference.

We are very excited to announce this year’s kweliGIVES finalists! Each organization is doing amazing work to help build and foster community. One of our five fabulous finalists picked from your nominations will receive 1% of kweliTV’s yearly revenue as a donation to their cause.

Introducing your kweliGIVES 2023 finalists!

DC Family and Youth Initiative (DCFYI)

This D.C. based organization focuses on helping teens about to age out of foster care transition into adulthood by connecting them with adult to help guide them. By matching them with mentors, weekend host families, or adoptive families, DCFYI embodies the “it takes a village” mentality. Community events help to naturally grow bonds between the teens and adults, creating a tight-knit network of trusted individuals.

“The result is what become long lasting relationships for teens with mentors, weekend host families, and others, and helps those who want to be adopted find adoptive families. Former participants who are in their twenties (and now going into their thirties) are still in regular contact with people they got to know through DCFYI. It’s why some teens call DCFYI their “family.” – Susan Punnett, Executive Director for DCFYI

The Undivide Project

This solutions-based organization specializes in addressing the intersection between the digital divide and climate injustice and how it impacts vulnerable communities. Their targeted approach insures that each community they help develops solutions made specifically for them. Instead of seeing a community as the source of the problem, they use it as the starting point for the solution.

“At The Undivide Project, community impact means supporting communities to rebuild, reclaim (narratives), and connect with each other. When we see our community partners advocating for themselves, telling their own stories, and actively working to confront climate change, we know that we are on the right track. Together, we are flipping the narrative that Black and brown communities are problems to be solved rather than the source of the solution.” – Monica Sanders, Founder of The Undivided Project

Intonation Music

Based in Chicago, this organization provides in-depth music education to children in the city. Providing instruments, mentorship, and performance opportunities, Inotation Music focuses on the needs of each burgeoning artist to set them up for long lasting success. By partnering with several schools and development organizations, they are able the share the gift of music with an ever growing community.

“Through teaching the art of music making, Intonation holds space for young people to find their sound and discover the depths of their talents and potential. We, at Intonation, are remixing youth development by making music accessible, relevant, and approachable for our youth on the south side of Chicago.” – Tonya Howell, Executive Director for Intonation Music

Black Girl Film School

This Los Angeles based organization is dedicated to reshaping the face of film. Their online courses are focused on giving young Black girls the tools and confidence to be the next great filmmakers. They are removing the barrier to enter the artform by offering their classes for free, making sure that anyone who wants to step behind the camera can do so.

“Our vision is a world where Black girls and women are equitably represented and celebrated for their contributions to the creative process behind the camera.Together, we are paving the way for a more inclusive and dynamic film landscape that reflects the richness and diversity of our shared human experience.” – Jayda Imanlihen, Information + Support Services for Black Girl Film School

Sankofa African American 3D Museum

This virtual museum is leading the way for preservation in the digital era. Boasting four floors of exhibits, this free virtual experience seeks to make African American history more easily accessible to anyone in the world. Combining the collections of its founder and other historians, it is a testament to owning and sharing our own stories.

“We are providing the opportunity for all to study the fundamental natures of knowledge, reality, and existence while focusing on academic discipline in African American history in the States of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and once again around the world.” – Lawrence E. Walker, Founder of Sankofa African American 3D Museum